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Our Mission

Founded right here in Brooklyn, New York in 2023, MasterBikez is on a mission to deliver the most entertaining and helpful mini bike content…period!

Through detailed reviews, mechanic tips, troubleshooting guides, and more, we equip riders with the ultimate online resource while fueling excitement for the hobby. Safety and community come first as we bring accurate guidance rooted in decades of collective mini bike obsession.

Meet Founder & Author-in-Chief Jim Korey 🏍️

Jim Korey Image
  • Founder & Editor-in-Chief
  • 20+ years mini bike experience
  • Custom mini bike builder

Jim started MasterBikez to share his lifelong passion after seeing a lack of dedicated mini bike content online. When he’s not providing wizard-level mechanic advice or reviewing the latest models, you can find him fabricating custom mini bikes and parts in his shop located right at our Brooklyn office!

Meet Co-Founder & Managing Editor Andrew Johnson 📝

Andrew Johnson Image

With 15+ years editing automotive publications, Andrew brings exceptional writing talent plus an eagle-eye for refinement before we hit “publish” on any article. He helps fine-tune the signature MasterBikez voice – approachable, yet obsessed with mini bikes.

  • Helped grow flagship motorcycle magazine from 5K → 50K subscribers
  • Avid vintage vespa collector

The MasterBikez Standards

  • 100% obsession with mini bikes
  • Entertaining & easy-to-digest
  • Focus on safety fundamentals
  • Real talk from actual riders
  • Constantly improving content

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The MasterBikez Crew