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“If it’s got two wheels and a motor, I can make it fly!”

Rev up your engines and join Jim on his lifelong thrill ride obsessed with all things mini bikes.

When he isn’t providing wizard-level tips on mods and maintenance, you can find Jim out in the shop working on his latest custom mini bike fabrication

Jim’s Mini Bike History

  • Riding and working on mini bikes for 20+ years
  • Former semi-professional stunt racer
  • Custom mini bike builder and mechanic guru
  • Taken apart and rebuilt over 50 different mini bike models
  • Active member in online mini bike communities

Jim’s Education

Jim draws from his wealth of firsthand mini bike knowledge in his published work – “Unleashing the Freedom of Two Wheels: A Beginner’s Guide to Mini Bike Riding“.

The book mixes humor, adrenaline, and hard-earned tips for fellow riders.

Readers praise Jim’s book for its entertaining storytelling and useful advice delivered in a fun, approachable way – much like his articles and videos. While a quick read, the stories stick with you long after the last page.

When he isn’t publishing hands-on mini bike content, Jim is tapping away on various fiction projects where fast machines, freedom, and laughter take center stage.

Jim’s Specialties

  • 2-stroke performance modifications
  • Custom mini bike fabrication
  • Electrical rewiring and troubleshooting
  • Suspension tuning and upgrades
  • Rider safety education

Jim’s Other Passions

  • Vintage Italian scooters
  • Watching MotoGP races
  • Riding ATVs out on the dunes
  • Playing guitar

Let’s connect about all things mini bikes!

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Ride on!
Jim Korey
Founder, MasterBikez

Articles Written By Jim

Can You Ride a Mini Bike on the Road?

Can You Ride a Mini Bike on the Road?

In most regions mini bikes cannot be legally ridden on public roads due to size restrictions, lack of safety equipment, and insurance limitations. However, some local areas do permit licensed, registered, and insured mini bikes on streets if specific requirements are met. Mini bikes are small off-road motorcycles. They have little engines under 50cc. Mini…

Why Do Mini Bikes Have Governors?

Why Do Mini Bikes Have Governors?

Mini bikes have governors to limit the maximum engine RPMs. This prevents over-revving damage, enables legal compliance, enhances rider safety, and reduces noise and emissions. Governors are critical components for safe, responsible mini bike operation. Mini bikes are small motorbikes that many people enjoy riding for fun and thrills. They are popular for recreational use…

How to Charge a Battery on a Mini Bike?

How to Charge a Battery on a Mini Bike?

Identify the battery type, choose a compatible charger, connect it properly by aligning polarity, monitor charging progress, disconnect at 100%, maintain battery between uses by storing around 50% charge. A dead battery means no fun mini bike rides. Charging your mini bike battery wrong can ruin it. Follow this guide to charge your battery right….