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With 15+ years editing automotive publications, Andrew brings exceptional writing talent plus an eagle-eye for refinement before we hit “publish” on any article. He helps fine-tune the signature MasterBikez voice – approachable, yet obsessed with mini bikes.

Andrew’s Background

  • Helped grow flagship motorcycle magazine from 5K → 50K subscribers
  • Has reviewed 100+ vehicles and bikes professionally
  • Published author – “On the Fast Track: Ultimate Mini Bike Racing Guide”

Andrew’s Education

Andrew’s Published Book

Drawing from years participating in and reporting on competitive mini bike racing, Andrew published “On the Fast Track: Ultimate Mini Bike Racing Guide” recently.

The book covers everything from choosing your racing class, upgrade mods for different engine types, handling maneuverability on variable terrain, to advanced leaning techniques around tight corners.

The racing guide delivers on its promise equipping casual and veteran racers alike with tactical advice to shave precious seconds off their lap times thanks to Andrew’s simple yet effective strategies.

What Drives Andrew

Andrew is fueled by his passion for telling stories that engage readers while providing entertainment and education. He believes quality content has the power to build lasting communities rooted in shared enthusiasm.

By helping writers distill their mini bike obsession into accessible, valuable nuggets for fellow riders, Andrew gets to live out his dream of accelerating passion projects through exceptional storytelling.

Andrew’s Specialties

  • Researching the latest motorcycle and mini bike news and trends
  • Ensuring consistency of voice, style and quality across all MasterBikez content
  • Fact-checking articles for technical accuracy
  • Applying laser focus to all things mini bikes

Let’s connect about all things mini bikes!

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Andrew Johnson
Co-founder, MasterBikez

Articles Edited & Fact Checked By Andrew

Can You Ride a Mini Bike on the Road?

Can You Ride a Mini Bike on the Road?

In most regions mini bikes cannot be legally ridden on public roads due to size restrictions, lack of safety equipment, and insurance limitations. However, some local areas do permit licensed, registered, and insured mini bikes on streets if specific requirements are met. Mini bikes are small off-road motorcycles. They have little engines under 50cc. Mini…

Why Do Mini Bikes Have Governors?

Why Do Mini Bikes Have Governors?

Mini bikes have governors to limit the maximum engine RPMs. This prevents over-revving damage, enables legal compliance, enhances rider safety, and reduces noise and emissions. Governors are critical components for safe, responsible mini bike operation. Mini bikes are small motorbikes that many people enjoy riding for fun and thrills. They are popular for recreational use…

How to Charge a Battery on a Mini Bike?

How to Charge a Battery on a Mini Bike?

Identify the battery type, choose a compatible charger, connect it properly by aligning polarity, monitor charging progress, disconnect at 100%, maintain battery between uses by storing around 50% charge. A dead battery means no fun mini bike rides. Charging your mini bike battery wrong can ruin it. Follow this guide to charge your battery right….