Do Minibikes Run On Battery Only?

Do Minibikes Run On Battery Only?

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December 15, 2023

Minibikes have surged in popularity in recent years as a fun recreational vehicle for adults and kids alike. Their small size and rugged build makes them ideal for riding around neighborhoods, trails, and backyards. But many interested in minibikes wonder – do they run on battery only or require gasoline like a motorcycle?

This is a common question for those new to minibikes. At first glance, some may assume the small size means they are likely electric and battery powered. However, traditional minibikes have actually used small gas engines requiring fuel. The power source depends on the specific minibike model.

In this article, we’ll provide a full overview of the different engine types and power sources used to run minibikes. This will help clarify whether they can operate on battery alone or if gas or other means are needed. We’ll cover battery electric minibikes, gas engine minibikes, pedal powered models, and more. 

By the end, you’ll understand the benefits and limitations of each minibike power type. You’ll have the knowledge to select the ideal engine and fuel source based on your needs and preferences. So let’s dive in and answer the question – do minibikes run on batteries only?

Battery Powered Minibikes

Modern electric minibikes run fully on a rechargeable battery pack without the need for gasoline. These battery powered models use an electric motor rather than an internal combustion engine.

Benefits of Battery Powered Minibikes

Battery powered minibikes provide certain advantages:

  • Zero emissions – They don’t produce any exhaust or pollutants.
  • Quiet operation – Electric motors are much quieter than gas engines.
  • No trips to the gas station – Just recharge at home.

Limitations of Battery Powered Minibikes 

However, there are some limitations to consider:

  • Limited range – Most can only go 30-40 miles before needing a recharge.
  • Recharge times – It may take several hours to fully recharge the battery.
  • Higher upfront cost – Battery powered models tend to cost more than gas models.

A very popular electric minibike model is MotoTec 48v, you can check it from Amazon and MotoTec.

mototec electric powered mini bike
mototec electric powered mini bike

Gas and Gas/Electric Hybrid Minibikes 

Most traditional minibike models use a small gas engine that requires gasoline as fuel. Some newer models have both gas and electric capabilities:

Gasoline Powered Minibikes

The majority of minibikes rely on a 50cc-125cc gas engine. Benefits include:

  • Lower upfront cost – Gas models are cheaper than electric.
  • Longer range – A full tank of gas allows riding farther than one battery charge.

Gas/Electric Hybrid Minibikes

Hybrid minibikes contain both gas and electric power. This provides:

  • Best of both worlds – Use gas for longer rides, electric for short trips.
  • Reduced emissions – Can rely more on the electric motor.

There are many popular gas & hybrid models, you can check all of them on Walmart or MotoTec

Pedal Powered Minibikes

Some minibikes operate through pedal power, similar to a bicycle. The rider pedals to propel the minibike forward. These do not have a motor. Pedal powered models are human-powered, so no fuel is needed. But they require physical exertion from the rider.

Pull Cord Start Minibikes

Very basic minibike models aimed at kids or vintage/retro models often have a pull cord starter, like a lawnmower. The user pulls the cord to start the gas engine. These are affordable but lack sophistication. 

There are many models of mini bikes like Coleman CT200U-EX and many more…

 Coleman CT200U-EX


In summary, while fully electric minibikes powered by batteries alone do exist, most minibike models still rely on gas engines requiring fuel. Traditional minibikes use small 50cc-125cc gasoline engines. Some newer hybrid models contain both electric and gas capabilities.

So to clearly answer the original question – only battery powered electric minibikes can run solely on a battery. Models using gas engines, pedal power, or pull start systems cannot operate on battery only. They require their respective fuel or power sources.

Electric minibike technology continues to advance with longer range batteries and faster charging. We can expect more battery only models to emerge. But gas engines still dominate the minibike market for now due to their lower costs and fewer range limitations.

Hopefully this overview of the different minibike power systems and engine types clarifies whether these recreational vehicles can rely on battery only or require alternate fuels. While battery electric options are increasing, gas engines remain the most common minibike power source today.

Jim Korey is the obsessed founder of MasterBikez, bringing over 20 years of experience as a mini bike enthusiast, former semi-pro stunt racer, and custom mini bike builder.
He’s author of the best selling book “Riding Small, Living Large” where Jim draws from his outrageous adventures and extensive hands-on knowledge to provide fellow riders with entertaining stories and wizard-level tips. His wealth of mini bike passion empowers the MasterBikez community.

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